naval architecture
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The story of Albatros

Designers can create extraordinary out of normalcy, they can clearly communicate ideas by the manipulation of lines and by playing with the available space. She first saw the sea in 1953, conceived on the design board of H.W. de Voogt in Haarlem, Holland and constructed by

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The story of Valiente

Far far away, behind the world's mountains, far from countries, there live the sail people. Separated they live over the Arctic Circle right on the coasts and islands of the northern seas. One day however they decided that the world’s marvels are to be shared

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The story of Brakzand

At 2pm Brakzand departs from the old harbor in Nes for a tour in the area of the Wadden Islands of Holland, under Ameland and Terschelling. After a site spotting of the seals on the sandbanks, a fishing net is thrown into the sea.

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