naval architecture
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System Engineering

Plumbing installations, tank connections, HVAC, cable trays are engineered and integrated within the whole construction. A collection of software containing Shipconstructor, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD and Inventor is used for generating documentation of the systems and equipment on board. The process is done in a correlated manner with the structural and interior engineering in order to ensure an accurate integration as well as easy accessibility and. The output will consist of:


  • Systems diagrams
  • Equipment layout
  • Pipe routing
  • Spool drawings
yacht drawing

Systems diagrams & equipment layout

The first stage of the systems engineering process is to calculate and indicate all the components of a system. Our output will be 2D diagram drawing completed with the bill of materials that will compose the system.

system engineering

Pipe routing

Based on the diagrams,the  next stage is the 3D routing of rigid piping, flexible piping and all the fittings. We will determine and indicate the routs through which the pipes will cross and be mounted on board, making sure that will not interfere with the structural construction and the interior accommodations. A special attention is being paid to how to access all the components of a system for service and maintenance.

systems engineering

Spool drawings

The final stage will be isometric drawings of all the pipes on board, an ‘’assembly drawing’’ of the systems components.