naval architecture
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Structural Design

— the beginnings

Scantling and class requirements



Starting from a concept, we perform analysis of stress and strength over the main structural elements of the boat, in order to determine their size and position. We do these calculations in accordance with the appropriate regulations and requirements derived from the intended scope of the project, whether there is a motor yacht, sailing yacht or commercial vessel … Here, we put the basis for the general construction setup.

General construction set up



In conformity with the scantlings calculations, we create structural drawings which can be presented to the class and flag administration for certification. Position and details of the structural elements – frames, girders, bulkheads, stiffeners – are shown into a general construction drawing, with references to materials and technical solutions to be used. These drawings, once approved, will be at the base of the detailed construction drawings.

Finite Element Analysis


Using local Finite Element Analysis (FEA) we predict how a structural item will perform in real-world situations and whether a construction technical solution will work the way it was designed to. The resulting reports will underline possible improvements that will be taken into account for the further development of the project.

3D yacht