naval architecture
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— the looks

Photo-realistic renderings


Alongside the work itself, a great deal of artistic talent is involved here as well. We start by applying materials, textures and lights over the complete 3D model that we want to render. Then we fine-tune all the parameters in order to obtain at the end a result as close to reality as possible. The final outcome will be delivered in any format and resolution needed, depending on the end purpose.

Graphic presentations and sketches


Beside renderings, we are able to make all types of sketches and graphic illustrations of partial or complete 3D models that will be useful either for the discussions, follow-ups and reviews of the project between the client/architect/yard/engineering team or for marketing purpose.

Videos and 360° panoramic views


To get the full impression of what a project may look like, beside the pictures we are using videos … And for a truly immersion into the world of virtual reality we create 360° panoramic views compatible with any screens and mobile devices.