naval architecture
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Interior Engineering

Being flexible and adaptable to all customers’ needs is our approach, so our output for interior is ranging from traditional general layout and construction drawings to detailed cabin and workshop drawings and to building kit packages that in addition to drawings include cutting files for CNC milling and fully detailed 3D models. Every single part of the interior will be designed, positioned and dimensioned as it will be built. To accomplish all these we use a collection of software that includes Rhinocerous, Solidworks and AutoCAD, together with in-house custom made applications. Beside production information we deliver additional documentation such as materials estimation, hardware lists and weight reports.


  • General Arrangement drawings
  • Detailed 3D models
  • Cutting files for CNC milling
  • General construction drawings
  • Workshop and assembly drawings
  • Cabin drawings
  • Additional documentation:
      • solid wood profiles list and drawing – the inventory and production information of all the solid wood parts that are not CNC milled
      • lists of materials, hardware & appliances – for making the purchasing process clear and simple
      • weight reports – monitoring and checking the weight for naval architecture calculations

Detailed 3D models


The interior layout takes shape in 3D, giving insight into the available space, cabins and items positioning. You can go ether for a basic 3D model that will show the space allocation or for a 3D detailed model where all the furniture assemblies are modeled, including the hardware, with great deal of attention being paid to the structural elements of the boat as well as systems and equipment. The 3D accurate modeling will be based on the General Arrangement drawing received from the designer or naval architect and on the general detail plan defined earlier. Everything is organized on separate units and at the end all the parts will be coded with names, material and finish markings.

Cutting files for CNC milling


Sole, ceiling, lining and furniture panels are nested in sheets, ready for CNC cutting. Using CNC kits significantly eases the production process. It saves time, materials and workforce, leaving little room for interpretation or error. Procedures for coding the parts for expansions and nesting are done directly within a 3D model, using our own, custom made plug-ins. Expansions will contain the flat projections of all the parts contours together with all the operations and markings needed for the CNC process.

General construction drawings


Sometime what it takes is a good layout drawing completed with cross-sections views and comprehensive construction details to be used throughout the boat. Styling and construction details are defined in the general detail plan together with information regarding ways of assembling and shipyard’s specifications. Indications about materials type, thickness, finish and wood grain orientation are mentioned here, also hardware mounting details are indicated.

Workshop and assembly drawings


Workshop drawings provide all the information to create the interior individual components from cabinets, beds, sofas to cabin doors, floor and ceiling. A smooth fabrication process is ensured by our scale drawings that include specific details regarding joinery and furniture assembly. Details of how to assemble different parts of the interior together and on board the ship are also added here.

Cabin drawings


A better understanding of the available space can be achieved through cabin drawings. And by combining views and cross-sections, the details regarding walls elevation, furniture layout and ceiling construction will be showed here.