Interior engineering

Interior engineering


From early planning, through all stages of design and detailing, to production drawings and CNC kits, Navyk creates interiors that successfully combine function and comfort for life on board.


The interior design process starts with planning and concept development. At this early stage, the key is the communication with the customer, which has the scope of establishing the overall style and aesthetics of the future interior.

Cabin drawings

A better understanding of the available space can be achieved through cabin drawings. The details regarding the wall elevations and the principal sections of the cabins are presented to the customer for approval.

General arrangement

Once the concept has been established, making the general arrangement in CAD is the next step. Great attention is paid to creating the optimum interior layout, that suits the purpose of the boat and the requirements of the owner.

Systems integration

An important element of a functional interior is systems integration. Plumbing installations, HVAC,communications and security systems are incorporated in the interior layout, so accessibility and easy maintenance are achieved.

General details

Styling and construction details are defined in the general detail plan. The shipyard’s specifications are implemented in the final drawings. Information regarding ways of assembling and types of materials are established at this stage.

Production drawings

Production drawings provide all the information to create the interior, from sole to ceiling. A smooth fabrication process is ensured by our scale drawings, that include specific details regarding joinery and furniture assembly.

Detailed 3D models

The interior layout takes shape in 3D, giving insight into the available space. All the furniture assemblies are modeled, including the hardware.  The detailed 3D models are mostly used for making the building kit and for renderings.

CNC kits

Sole, ceiling, lining and furniture panels are nested in sheets, ready for CNC cutting. Using CNC kits significantly eases the production process. It saves time, materials and workforce, leaving little room for interpretation or error.

Renderings and illustrations

Photorealistic images bring the interior to life. A preview of the interior before its completion can ease the decisions upon the finishing touches. On the other hand, renderings can be used for marketing, advertising and creative media.


The information regarding the products and finishes approved by the owner is compiled in lists of materials, hardware, profiles, fixtures and appliances, thus making the purchasing process clear and simple.