Naval architecture

Naval architecture services


Our naval architecture services range from craft design to Class Approval through to the preparation of complete detailed engineering solutions for shipyards. We can provide technical assistance regarding:

Linesplan generation and fairing

Due to our expertise we can develop efficient and feasible linesplans that are created with our inhouse hull generators and optimized with the help of modern fluid flow analysis. The surfaces are modeled and faired with high accuracy, in order to achieve the best surface quality.

Stability calculations

Throughout our activity, we have performed stability calculations for most of our projects, even if not demanded by the contract, in order to create a rich stability database. For a large number of yachts in various lengths we have created stability booklets in compliance with different classification rules.

Structural design and calculations

We perform optimization analysis for our designs in order to achieve the best strength to weight ratio.

Inclining tests

In the final stage of the project we can support the commissioning process by guiding and monitoring inclination tests.

Hydrostatic calculations

The hydrostatics calculations are performed using our inhouse  validated software package.

Speed and power prediction

These calculations are essential in the design process. Due to our extensive experience, the calculation methods have been optimized, so that we can provide reliable calculations for our clients.

Weight calculations

In order to assess the feasibility of a design and to ensure the best efficiency both in construction and in exploitation we perform weight checks in all the stages of the project.

Our experience has enabled us to design our own advanced calculation tools and validate them with renowned software packages. Depending on the design, we can generate preliminary weight calculations early in the design process. We can also support the builder by guiding and monitoring the ship weighing procedures on-site.


Furthermore, in collaboration with the local faculty of naval architecture, we can provide:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics for analysis and optimization of hull forms and appendages
  • Small scale towing tank testing (short lead times and very competitive rates) for resistance and seakeeping